Brothers in Arms

Whilst thinking about my own second hand music challenge I did a bit of searching online and came across a couple of similar blog ideas, those that still burn a candle for the record or CD.

Every record tells a story

The blog was a new one to me, described as ‘a blog about music, music, and (sometimes) music’ I think I’d probably get along with the author. He discusses a bit of (music) news, some reviews and has a similar level of affection for the record as this blogger. However, the posts that most interested me were the Vinyl Challenge, inspired it seems by an extortionately priced Oasis album reissue, a whopping £116.99 for one album packaged with a few studio outtakes and in a nice box. What follows is a series of blogs seeking to create a record collection in lieu of the extravagant cost of the one Oasis album. By the time of the last blog he has amassed over 30 records including timeless classics by the Beatles, Bowie and Lou Reed all for under the cost of a box containing one album and a few postcards. Definitely worth a read.

The 1p Album Club

Whilst my own suggestions about discovering music cheaply encouraged you towards the boot sales, charity and second hand record shops these bloggers went for an online approach. They use Amazon and search for albums available for just 1p (excluding postage of just over £1), an initial search suggests over 14,000 different releases are currently available for 1p so there must be some classics hidden among the landfill of failed pop acts and cheap compilations. Reading through some of their 1p reviews I notice a few albums still gracing my shelves, all bought for considerably more than their current Amazon price. I really like this idea, I wanted to get people back into physical music by buying it cheaply and theirs is a clever hook to hang it over. They also run a 1p Christmas swap which sounds interesting, maybe I’ll sign up, it sounds like a cheap way to discover new music and maybe share something I like with someone else.

Note: Apologies to anyone clicking the title expecting a blog about Dire Straits. For those not in the know, ‘Brothers in Arms’ was one of the highest selling albums of all time, with over 30 million copies copies sold. Whilst not a personal favourite of the author there are likely a number of copies in second hand shops, check it out for yourself, and get your money for nothing.


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