My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection

A few more sites for your delectation.

All The Records

This has to be my favourite concept for a record blog, “My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection”, whereby a seemingly disgruntled wife sets about the task of listening to her husband’s record collection “one record at a time and tell you what I think”. I think this is great, mostly because it seems it was started by someone with a cynical eye but you get the impression there’s a lot she enjoys and she seems to gradually connect with her husband’s passion. Someone should set up a support group for spouses of record obsessives, or maybe write a blog or book about them, it could be the reverse of the record collector profiles, rather than proudly posing with their prize possessions the ‘other halves’ could pose with the record that really irks them, the one that makes them leave the room.

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Whilst an interesting read for a record collector the name of this blog makes me think of daytime TV programmes like Bargain Hunt and it does nothing for the anorak image of the record collector. The author focuses a lot on the rarity of the records and less so the music which should always be the point for me, but the artwork and some interesting anecdotes about the releases make this something of a guilty pleasure.

Cheesecake Blog

There’s a lot of sites, blogs and books that look at record artwork, a lot of collectors also have a soft spot for a type of record art and collect around it. This blog focuses on ‘cheesecake’ album artwork, looking back to more regressive times when it was common to adorn a record sleeve with a scantily clad female. It’s interesting viewing and luckily you don’t have to listen to the music within the sleeves just question whoever signed off the artwork.


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