The pendulum has swung

Sheila Burgel, (record collector, DJ) on the vinyl vs CD or digital debate:

I think there’s a realization that we’ve somehow been gypped by the promise of modern technology and convenience. With the CD, the artwork became less prominent, the sound colder and a bit too heavy on the treble. With mp3s, artwork has nearly disappeared and the sound quality is far worse than the already poor-sounding CD. The pendulum has swung too far and many people are realizing that, although the internet may have opened us up to music anytime and anywhere, the experience of listening to music has diminished. I’m sure there’s a scientific word for the reduction of pleasure that occurs when you’re given everything you want, whenever you want it. The internet is spoiling us, turning us into children who have all the toys in the world but not enough time or patience to appreciate those toys. I think the internet and mp3s have devalued music. Vinyl, on the other hand, demands value because it takes up more of our time. It makes us engage with it and take care of it if we want it to last. You can view vinyl as a way of life; it’s an acknowledgement that taking time and effort to do something yields far more gratifying and enriching results than what comes easy. So why are people going back to vinyl? Because there is no music format that sounds better than vinyl. It’s warmer, cozier, fuller, brighter. It comes in a sleeve. Its effort delivers fabulous results. It’s cool as hell. It combines the aural and the visual. My argument for vinyl doesn’t mean I’m completely anti-computer, I use YouTube, iTunes, and Google as much as anyone, but I think it’s important to be aware of the downside.

(via Dust & Grooves)


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